| It is important – after knowing the basic cuts – to talk about the way we cook our food
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It is important – after knowing the basic cuts – to talk about the way we cook our food

It is important – after knowing the basic cuts – to talk about the way we cook our food

The cooking methods explain the procedures we use to transform the food by the action of heat into desirable and easy to digest combinations, developing the aroma properties, concentrating the juices and flavors, giving them a smooth consistency, easy to cut and chew.

The man in prehistory who consumed the raw meat of the animals that he married, or sometimes ate what other large animals and predators had left, unfortunately sometimes they were scavengers.

But when the man discovered the fire the thing changed and he began to cook his food and this is what he has been doing throughout the centuries until today.

We can say that the cooking methods can be classified in two; cooked to dry, or wet cooking.

Steam: Cooking obtained by preparing food in a rack or strainer over a bathroom and never touch the water, so the food retains its nutrients, its juiciness and its color.

We can aromatize, putting in the water some fine grass like basil, rosemary or laurel.

Bracear: It is a slow and prolonged cooking, it begins roasting the food on the hot plate to seal it and then we put it in a pot with lid on a bed of sofrito prepared with a mirepoix of onions, carrots, and celery Spain, close tightly and we finish the cooking in the moderate oven.

The steam that the vegetables give off will fall in drops on the food, cooking it in its own juice. It is the cooking method that is used in whole meats at least a kilo.

Stew: It is a stew that is made over a very slow fire, it resembles braising but the humidity is given by the addition of a broth or bottom and that the meat is cut into pieces, finishing the cooking over a low heat on the burner in a hermetically closed pot.

Fry: In general the foods to fry should be cut in regular portions so that they are fried in the same conditions.

It is a cooking method that consists of preparing food in hot oil and has some basic rules to follow to obtain an excellent result.

1. Fat very abundant, that food swim in it.
2. Once the cooking has finished, we should drain on absorbent paper so that the most oil is eliminated, and it is very crispy.
3. Boiling oil.
4. Do not fry too many pieces at once, leave space for food to swim and heat to remain constant.
5. The food must be dry before it is put into the oil.
6. Salt should be added at the end and the food should be served immediately.
7. To keep the frying pan in good condition we should not wash it with soap, just change the oil and clean with a paper towel removing the excess.
8. We must have a frying pan healed only for frying, without preparing any stew or food with liquid.

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